- Terms of use

1. About our rules.
1.1. Ignorance Regulation does not exempt from liability for infringement.
1.2. The list of rules can be changed without prior notice.
1.3. Forum rules are enforceable by all members.

2. About Administration.
2.1. Administration of Forum is not responsible for the information posted on the Forum.
2.2. Administration of Forum is not responsible for the services provided by forum sellers & members.
2.3. Forum Administration reserves the right to bann or remove anybody from forum without any explanation.
3. About titles status.
3.1. Admin - Forum Administrator.
3.2. Moderator - participant in the Forum, modering one or more sections of the Forum.
3.3. Vendor - participant in the Forum, approved by administration, which provides service, selling.
3.4. Newcomer - NEW participant in the Forum, with less than 10posts & a minimal amount of privileges.
3.5. Member - FULL participant in the Forum, with atleast 10posts & a basic set of privileges.
3.6. Carder - Experienced participant in the Forum, with extended set of privileges.
3.7. VIP - Experienced participant in the Forum, with VIP privileges.
3.8. Deer/Clown - participant in the Forum, stupid person, troll.
3.9. Unresolved Problems / RIPPER - participant in the Forum, not fulfilled on commitments and have unresolved problems, participant who ripped other forum members.

4. About User Registration
4.1. You can not register at the forum more than 1(one) account.
4.3. You may not be registered under the nickname similar to other Forum participants nickname.
4.4. You registration on forum can be cancelled without any explanation.

5. About Advertising
5.1. Any advertising on the forum is strictly prohibited except for advertising which consistent with the forum administration.
5.2. Free advertising allowed ONLY in BlackMarket section.
6. About posting.
6.1. Prohibited unfounded insult other participants in the Forum.
6.2. Prohibited any confidential information about forum members.
6.3. You can not create posts/topics similar to the already closed post/topics.
6.4. You can not create more than 1 (one) similar posts / topics in different sections of the forum.

7. Responsibility for violating Regulation. Violation of any part of these rules could lead to the following consequences:
Removing the post/topic.

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